Regular / Automatic

Type: Regular automatic
Size: 50-100 cm
Harvest: 80 days
Potency: 5/5
Seeds per pack: 10 seeds

Cold Climate Auto!

This strain is made from two awesome ancestors. Two of the most mold resistant auto strains we know of. The female was a big and beautiful trichome packed Alien vs. Triangle from Mephisto Genetics. The father was a handsome Blueberry Headband from Emerald Triangle. We have taken the strain to F4 outdoors in cold climate and the result is a very hardy awesome strain. Very resistant to getting mold. Very sticky. You'll see many other plants rot away next to a healthy Bifrost.

Berry Flavoured

Bifrost will get lots of dark red colors - and the smell and taste match them well with the delicious scent of blueberries... with a good hint of fuel to it... We love it.

Great medicinal high

Bifrost is super potent and gives a deep body high that is loved by many people with pain problems.

Worldwide shipping

Shipping worldwide in a regular letter cost US$5. We have never lost a sending like this so far, but it's at own risk. Shipping worldwide with tracking is $25 and only to countries where seeds are legal.

Happy customers

"I grew Pibeurt last year outdoors in interior Alaska and they turned out simply amazing super frosty and very very early flowering with the whole plant having a lot of purple color variations in them so pretty and so potent too! They were Done way before any others and some of the other strains had Not even started to flower yet and the ones that did were just beginning to flower when I harvested the Pibeurt strain." 
Cory, Alaska