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4 Photosensitive strains 40+ seeds and FREE shipping wordwide
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Type: Photosensitive
Size: 150-200cm
Harvest: September/October
Potency: 4/5
Seeds per pack: Min.10 seeds

4 of our best outdoor strains

10 x Pibeurt (Danish Heirloom
10 x Mjølner (Outdoor hybrid)
10 x Erdpurt (Danish heirloom hybrid)
10 x Matanuska Thunderfuck x Dirty Jim


Pibeurt is our beloved Danish heirloom strain. It has been grown in a Danish hippie community Thylejren for 5 decades. Every year the most potent early flowering individuals have been picked for next year's seeds making her initiate flowering very early to finish in September in Denmark.


Mjølner is the perfect outdoor strain. It's an F1 cross of Mephisto's super potent auto Alien vs. Triangle - crossed with European Erdpurt. Both strains are awesome against mold and will often be completely free from mold whilst others are rotting away. The auto x photo cross in first generation will give a very early flowering, but photosensitive. So you have the perfect outdoor strain that can grow enormous with big fat buds.


Erdpurt flowers a little later than Pibeurt, but is super hardy and will not easily mold despite the later flowering in October depending on your latitude. It's colorful and has a berry flavour that is fantastic. The buds are very dense nuggets. Normally those very dense nuggets will easily mold away in the cold, but because of Erdpurt's European/Danish genetics they will rarely mold before ripeness.

Matanuska Thunderfuck x Dirty Jim

This F1 with hybrid vigour will grow very fast and vigourously. It won't finish quite as fast as the other strains in this selection. In Denmark it will be ripe in beginning November, so light dep. can be a good thing for it to finish a little earlier. Buds are very big and potent.


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Happy customers

"I grew Pibeurt last year outdoors in interior Alaska and they turned out simply amazing super frosty and very very early flowering with the whole plant having a lot of purple color variations in them so pretty and so potent too! They were Done way before any others and some of the other strains had Not even started to flower yet and the ones that did were just beginning to flower when I harvested the Pibeurt strain." 
Cory, Alaska