Durban x Jack Herer


Type: Regular
Flowering time: 60-100 days
Size: Varies
Potency: 4/5
Mold resistance: 3/5
Aroma: Citrus, cinnamon, Bubblegum

These seeds are made from original Sensi Seeds parents from 2006 and the seeds are from same year. They have been very well stored in fridge, and still have a sprouting rate of 75%.
The parents - the father was a very chunky male Jack Herer, that made really big male flower clusters and smelled fantastic. The mother was a very lush and green fast flowering Durban.
You can expect a top shelf end product with a terpene profile that will amaze.

Growing Durban x Jack Herer

This is a very multiway hybrid, so expect a lot of variation. This is a perfect mix for sativa lovers that like terpenes. Some phenos will be very sativa-like with long skinny slow flowering but amazing buds. Other phenos grow more densely and can be quite some good croppers.