About us

GreenSeedBank is established in 2017 by Mike Green.

Mike Green has run the Danish site www.cannabisfroe.dk since 2010 but is experienced with this great plant since 1995.

We specialise in making cold climate outdoor strains that will finish in the worst seasons. Our strains are well adapted to this and some of them have been grown in Denmark annually since the 50´s. The picking of early flowering strong parents for so many decades has created well adapted strains that don't easily mold and will flower earlier than most regular strains that are not automatics.

We also love all other kinds of cannabis, and have both CBD-rich strains, Automatics and regular potent HIGH-THC-strains in our SeedBank.

All seeds are handpicked and of highest quality - well kept chilled and dark in our fridge for the seeds we trade often - and in freezer for those special strains that need to be conserved. We love seeds, so you can trust us to keep them well before handing them over to you.

Thank you for visiting our site.

Feel free to contact us for any information you'd might need:

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Mike Green.