Gorilla Glue

GG#4 x GG
Super hard nuggets!

Type: Hybrid 
Harvest: 65 days
Potency: 5/5
Seeds per pack: 10 seeds

About Gorilla Glue

GG#4 x GG 

This is an awesome strain for the grow room. Top quality fat colas that are a delight to trim with very few leaves. The seeds have been made on an original GG#4 clone mother pollinated with our most handsome male GG. You get great branching even if you don't top, but topping will make plants very easy to grow an optimal amount of buds.

Lush Indica

Gluey is very forgiving and easy to clone. She will withstand some fluctuation in PH where many strains will suffer.

Great high

A great and heavy high that makes the whole body relax very well.


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