Otto II F3


Effective outdoor strain

Type: CBD strain
Size: 150-200cm
Harvest: Oktober
Potency: 5/5 (For CBD)
Seeds per pack: 10 seeds

Almost pure CBD strain

Otto II (F3) is a hardy sativa plant. There are some phenotypes that flower and finish with a little variation, but all of them express high CBD and very low THC content. This is a great strain for those who wish very little THC, but also this is a great strain to mix into your favorite THC-strain for a little more meallow buzz.

Worldwide shipping

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Happy customers

"These were the first seeds I ever tried growing. I won them in a contest. This plant has been great to me. I have a lot of anciety and my legs are restless, so I can't sit still. After a little of this Otto my body feels more calm. I really like it a lot. My plants grew outdoors in Denmark, and they were beautiful plants. Thanks for these Mike."