Pibeurt (Pipe Weed)


Super early flowering

Type: Danish Heirloom
Size: 150-200cm
Harvest: August-September
Potency: 4/5
Seeds per pack: 10 seeds

Old Danish heirloom strain - super early flowering!

Pibeurt is an old Danish heirloom. It has been grown in the Danish hippie community Thylejren since the seventies. Thylejren is a free place much like world famous Christiania. It has only been grown organically outdoors in Denmark for close to 50 years and probably much longer. Several generations have helped growing it every year and every year pick seeds from the best earliest flowering plants. That is why Pibeurt will initiate flowering much earlier than any other strain I have seen. When most strains initiate flowering, Pibeurt will have full size buds and soon be ready to harvest.

Lush hardy sativa

It is a lush and beautiful sativa plant and in late flowering some phenos will show deep wine red colors. It has fluffy buds that help prevent bud mold. It also have a great resistance to mold and other plant diseases. This makes Pibeurt a very easy plant to grow in very wet, cold and moist climates.

Great uplifting high

The high of this plant is great. It's very uplifting and awesome for daytime use. It's not for nothing the people in Denmark call it "fniseurt" (gigglewort).

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Happy customers

"I grew Pibeurt last year outdoors in interior Alaska and they turned out simply amazing super frosty and very very early flowering with the whole plant having a lot of purple color variations in them so pretty and so potent too! They were Done way before any others and some of the other strains had Not even started to flower yet and the ones that did were just beginning to flower when I harvested the Pibeurt strain." 
Cory, Alaska