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4 auto strains 40+ seeds
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Type: Auto + Super Auto
Size: 50-180cm
Harvest: 65-130 days
Potency: 4/5
Seeds per pack: Min.10 seeds

4 of our best outdoor auto strains

10 x Skywalker x Alien vs. Triangle (fem)
10 x Sour Livers x Alien vs. Triangle (fem)
10 x Nordurt x Alien vs. Triangle (reg)
10 x Bifrost (reg)

Many people ask us, why we have Aliens vs. Triangle involved in so many strains. The answer is, that it's one of the best performing autos we have tried. When crossed into the other strains the great resistance to mold is handed over to the offspring. So crosses with her just work great in cold climates. That it's also very potent - tested to more than 25% THC is also something that we appreciate.

Skywalker x Alien vs. Triangle

Skywalker is a great strain from Mephisto Genetics. It's potent and has great branching that rarely need any support. 

Sour Livers x Alien vs. Triangle

Sour Livers is another awesome strain from Mephisto Genetics. It has a tangie smell and grows big beautiful buds that will often take reddish colors in the fall. Also very easy to grow.


Bifrost is a strain made from Alien vs. Triangle x Blueberry Headband. This is not an F1, but has been stabilised for several generations. It's very mold resistant and easy to grow. The smell is fantastic with a sweet blueberry and overripe fruit to it. 

Nordurt x Alien vs. Triangle (Super auto)

This will grow big. It's made from our other heirloom strain Nordurt that is crossed with Alien vs. Triangle. It will take 120+ days to finish and will get quite big up to 180cm. Big and airy but very big main colas. One very big auto plant that is very forgiving.

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Happy customers

"I grew Pibeurt last year outdoors in interior Alaska and they turned out simply amazing super frosty and very very early flowering with the whole plant having a lot of purple color variations in them so pretty and so potent too! They were Done way before any others and some of the other strains had Not even started to flower yet and the ones that did were just beginning to flower when I harvested the Pibeurt strain." 
Cory, Alaska